Donating our scraps to children in need.
August 23, 2023

Donating our scraps to children in need.

Who We Support
Blue Cottage Lane is officially a proud sponsor to a wonderful organization that uses our scraps to turn into usable soap bars for children in impoverished nations, the Eco-Soap Bank.   

This wonderful non-profit takes leftover soaps and scraps and converts them into usable soaps to provide economic benefit to those disadvantaged in the world.  Eco-Soap Bank's reach is 25 countries where they not only donate, but help to educate about proper hygiene and hand washing.  

According to Eco-Soap Bank, "only 1% of household(s) have soap for handwashing".  It is their mission to supply and educate those in need with soap and understanding of proper hygiene. 
Lastly, Blue Cottage Lane believes in conservation.  In donating our scraps and bits to Eco-Soap Bank, we're not contributing to unnecessary soap wastage.  We can have the assurance in knowing that all of our soaps will be put to good use and enjoyed; maybe even help keep kids healthy in a part of the world that doesn't have soap readily available.