About Us

Blue Cottage Lane was born out of the pandemic.  Loved ones were washing their hands more, the news was grim and I wanted to get some peace from all the chaos.  So, I took it upon myself to craft a soap that would not strip my skin of its natural oils, and to have a creative outlet. 

I craft my soaps to be gentle by using rich butters and oils.  I also use palm oil  which is responsibly sourced and follows the guidelines of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, or RSPO.  Two ingredients I absolutely love in soaps is Rosehip oil and Apricot Kernel oil; most of my soaps have these beautiful oils in them.  They add a richness in your soap bar and feel great. 

The shea and cocoa butter used in our soaps is from Baraka Impact.  This is a wonderful company based in Canada who help local villagers, mostly women, in Ghana become financially stable.  Baraka Shea is a fair-trade company, meaning they pay premium wages to their workers.  Also, they strive to have a positive impact in Ghana by being good stewards to the environment, empowering women and families.  Every dollar spent at Baraka Shea helps the hard-working people in Ghana. 

Finally, Blue Cottage Lane strives to source supplies and ingredients from North America.  This is no easy task, but I aim to give my customers a product made with as much care, and high craftsmanship, as possible.